Today, I am convinced my husband doesn’t love me; I am considerably overweight; and I just might be the worst parent ever. Oh, not to mention I am hideously ugly.


My mother has spent her life feeding us love. Her love languages are acts of service and quality time, but that is only because cooking is not technically one of the five love languages.


I had almost missed her soft whisper as I left her room: “Cover me, Mama.” The words gripped me as I pulled the blankets up to her chin. She gave me the words I have been trying to find to express the emotions stirring within me the past couple of weeks.


In parenting, there are so many details of which to keep track. When is the school concert, the holiday program, the special lunch, the extra practice,  and whose permission slip needs to be signed tonight? The list of tasks is endless, and it is easy to let some things slip through the cracks here and there. Sometimes I think my poor […]

Call me Grandma

I became a grandmother at age 33.

I’m sure you are doing the math to figure out how old I must have been when I had my child and how old my child must have been when she made me a grandma. I’ll help you with your calculations.


As an imperfect perfectionist, one of my biggest problems is that I can NEVER do enough. I don’t mean this in an overly dramatic sense. I literally cannot physically do enough to accomplish everything that I feel should be done in a day. Two major factors in my life make this particularly true: my job and my children. These two factors entered my […]


Last night at dinner, my children asked my husband to tell them the ranch dressing story. This is a story he has told them many times before about accidentally pouring ranch dressing all over himself when he was a kid. When the story ended, the kids asked for another, and another, and another…. My wonderful husband regaled them with the numerous mistakes […]

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