Mix Tape: Be Still and Know

Dry Bones: Dare to Hope

Jesus Walks With You

A Message for 2020


“What’s in a Name?” This message from Mother’s Day 2016, from the series No Longer a Slave, addresses how to find freedom from the labels we wear and the unhealthy thoughts that can enslave us based on those labels.


“The Way Out” This is a message from the series Life, Money, Hope- God’s Way Works. The same patterns that lead us into financial problems are the same patterns that lead us into moral, marital, and relational problems. The good news is these problems also have the same way out. You have never gone too far; it is never too late.

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“We The People: A Declaration of Interdependence” This message, from the series American Jesus, encourages us to recognize how the best of our community and culture reveal to us the beauty and truth of Jesus Christ and our need for Him. Independence and freedom are not that same thing. We need Jesus, and we need each other

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