Call me Grandma

Call me Grandma


I became a grandmother at age 33.

I’m sure you are doing the math to figure out how old I must have been when I had my child and how old my child must have been when she made me a grandma. I’ll help you with your calculations. I was 26 years old when Amanda started calling me mom, and she was 20 when she made me a grandma. The math doesn’t work out because Amanda was my student before we became family.

Here is how I became known as “mom”:

I showed up to a play with flowers and a card.

The way we treat others often matters more than we know. I could have stayed home instead of showing up for that play.In so many ways, it was that one act that expanded my heart and my family. No one would have found fault with me if I had not gone. However, Amanda was a bright light, and I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to watch her shine.

There were, of course, other factors over the years that solidified our relationship. Amanda was in my “house” (home room on steroids). I listened, and she talked. I encouraged, and she listened. I came to a concert. I offered support,and sometimes she would take me up on it. Mostly, I believed in her.

I love all my students, but Amanda became part of my family. She calls me mom, and I am proud to be claimed by her. Amanda showed great strength, intelligence, and character as she worked her way through high school. She overcame obstacles that stop others from achieving their goals. She credits me with having a greater impact on her life than I have earned since all l I have done is love her for who she is. I am blessed to have her as a child.

That is why I am proud to say that I became a grandma at age 33.


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