The Disillusioned Planter Shares a Win

The Disillusioned Planter: A Guide on What to Do When The Church Doesn’t Take Off After You Launch You guys are probably like, “Great, here she is again to talk about how reality and expectations haven’t lined up, how she is worn out, or something like that.” Nope. Curveball. I’m breaking punctuation rules this time to… Read More The Disillusioned Planter Shares a Win

The Disillusioned Planter Continues…

I. am. so. tired.

In fact, I’m so tired that I just used my least favorite punctuation rule breaker. I hate when people put a period after each word. “I.” is not a sentence. I know we are being dramatic in our period usage, but it drives me insane. I hope this mini grammar rant helps you to fully grasp just how. tired. I. am.… Read More The Disillusioned Planter Continues…

Don’t You Dare

Ashley Randleman, fellow Church planting lady, has become a dear friend and a great encouragement to me. She has listened to my insecurities and frustrations, prayed with me, and celebrated victories. One great joy has been watching her develop her writing. She has a beautiful and encouraging voice in her work. Check out this amazing… Read More Don’t You Dare