Today, I am convinced my husband doesn’t love me; I am considerably overweight; and I just might be the worst parent ever. Oh, not to mention I am hideously ugly.

Yes, each of these things are completely unfounded, but somehow they seem true. In fact, they seem true every 28 days or so.

Although womanhood comes with many joys, battling the ups and downs of temporary irrational thoughts and feelings is definitely one of the great trials of the female population.


  1. I need to eat all the chocolate in the house.
  2. I am so fat because I ate all the chocolate in the house.
  3. This song is so sad; I need to cry.
  4. Why am I crying while listening to Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”?
  5. I am too tired to get up today. I am going to stay in bed.
  6. You are a horrible mother for trying to sleep in. Get up.
  7. How did I let myself get so chubby?
  8. Is there anymore chocolate in the house?
  9. Why do I feel so crazy?
  10. When was my last period?… Oh… That explains it.

Now, you would think at the age of 34 I would be in tune with the exact dates of my cycle, but somehow it sort of sneaks up on me every month.

The nice thing about the temporary insanity that comes with my cycle is I have learned to identify how fickle emotions can be. I have learned that not everything we feel is truth or reality. With this in mind, it is much easier to give myself and others grace when emotions lead to behaviors that aren’t always desirable.

Life is one giant opportunity to give and receive grace. Days of temporary insanity are the little reminders that anyone can lose it a little on any day.

If you need to weep while listening to Justin Bieber, go right ahead. I won’t judge.



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