My youngest turns 8 today.

She is the essence of energy. Words we have used to describe her since birth are relentless, fierce, expressive, fearless, giving, and passionate. This child is all in.

My friend and I took our kids to the pool the other day. I was fully prepared to soak up the sun and conversation outside the pool while my children enjoyed playing and cooling off in the pool.

My little girl had different plans.

She was having too much fun to let mommy miss out on it. When she asked me to come in, I had answered with an, “I don’t know. Mommy doesn’t really want to go in the water.”

This was met with a, “Please, Mom.” …not the whiney, pouty kind of request that makes you want to say no without even thinking about what is being asked, it was more the, “it would make me so happy if you would show your love for me by being with me,” kind of request…. So how could I say no.

I came back with, “maybe in a little bit.”

She had her foothold, and I was done for.

She came back every five minutes until I gave her a solid yes. I didn’t have a strong reason not to play with her in the pool other than I didn’t want to go in the water at that moment. I told her to give me ten more minutes. She was satisfied, and I had a little more time doing the pool my way.

Ten minutes passed, and as promised…I jumped in.

I let my reservations go and embraced the splashing. I became a part of the kids’ world. We played monkey in the middle and dodge ball.

I could have easily missed out on being a part of this fun moment with my children. I could have enjoyed the comfortable, warm lounging in the sun, but I’m glad my “all in” baby convinced me to jump in.

I let go of my idea of comfort, and I made the choice not to sit out on the adventure of living.


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