In parenting, there are so many details of which to keep track. When is the school concert, the holiday program, the special lunch, the extra practice,  and whose permission slip needs to be signed tonight?

The list of tasks is endless, and it is easy to let some things slip through the cracks here and there. Sometimes I think my poor children will be scarred for life because of the snacks I have not packed or the gym shoes that were forgotten.

The reality is those things, although they matter, are not the most important. The important thing is my kids know they matter. Sometimes I forget to cheer for my babies because I am busy trying to keep my kids from being the only ones to show up in normal clothes on a pajama or western themed school day.

Occasionally, I remember to stop seeing everything that needs to be done, and to see them.

My kiddos deserve to hear my voice above all the others. They need to hear  they could forget to close the refrigerator door, and it doesn’t change the fact they are loved beyond measure.

I think we are so busy molding our kids, we can forget to remind them of the unconditional love and acceptance we have for them. It is such a given in our minds, we can forget how much they still need it to be vocalized.

Today, I will cheer for my children, not because they are better, or even equal to other children in every way, but because they are mine. I will cheer because they are amazing to me. I will cheer them on as the fight to prove themselves everywhere else in their lives.

My home will be a fan club my kids can escape to when the world is busy measuring them against a million standards of who they should be.

I was never a cheerleader, and it is against the die hard jock in me…. but pass me the pom-poms anyway. I have something to cheer about.




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      Yeah and again yeah for you…for the intense love you exhibit for your children and husband…for the love and concern you show those you teach…and your investment in your fellow human beings….Rah, Rah, Rah for you too. Love, Mom and Dad

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