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Our Broken Hallelujahs

If you have ever stood in a worship service and found it hard to sing about God’s love because you felt disconnected by the circumstances of living, this book is for you. Many of us know all the right answers about God’s love and his authority, but we find it difficult to see it applied in a practical way in our lives because we are broken by the acts of others, traumas of sickness and loss, or our own failures. Our Broken Hallelujahs is a poetic and beautiful look at how God’s love reaches into the brokenness of your life to empower you.

Rebecca’s story is a broken hallelujah. As you journey with her through personal reflections, biblical examples, and the stories of how others have found a hallelujah in the broken places of life, her prayer is that this study will help you to find a voice to sing your own hallelujah.