Rebecca Burtram is available for speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, and seminars. For more information, you can send her a message or call.


Phone: 434-987-0728
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      Imprison me with your love and care. Hem me in with walls of mercy. Capture me with the wonders of who you are. Surround me Mighty Angels to resist the Evil One. Let my praises echo off the four walls of your compassionate confinement. May I find my solitude reveals your presence. I am not alone in this cell of existence. May the peace of your presence preserve my mind and emotion. You are with me in my minute world. My solitary confinement becomes contentment. My heart and soul burst forth with joy at your wisdom at placing me this cube of aloneness. I searched the oceans and mountains looking for you and amazingly I find you in smallness! You amaze me God! How simple you can be. Since I cannot ascend to comprehend you, you come down to me in simplicity. Indeed, a little child shall lead them. Let the little ones come to you and forbid them not. Forgive us for our obfuscation. All I really know is that you are near. You will never leave, nor forsake me. That’s all I really need to know!

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