When Hallelujah Won’t Come

We had come together, like so many times before, to mourn tragic and senseless loss. I stood there singing words I desperately wanted to be true. I wanted to believe that God loves us so.


I don’t want to join the front lines of attack, and I don’t want to hide in bunkers. I want to talk about your kids’ birthday parties, laugh at your story about falling down the stairs in front of everyone, or roll my eyes at cat memes.

I want you to give me room and grace to be wrong, and I want to do the same for you. I want to hold a different opinion without being seen as uneducated or hateful.


Recently, I have been lost.

I have been clinging to my faith and trying to find my sanity. I have been burnt out and weary. Judge if you like, but for every one person looking down on this feeling, there are three to five thinking, “me too,” or, “I’ve been there.”


No make up, frizzy hair, up six more pounds, and dog poop scented shoes- I was so hot today. I made a drastic and bold decision today. I chose not to wear make up to work. I’d love to say it is because I am liberated and confident in my natural beauty. The truth is I am trying to solve […]


Deep down we all want to be understood and accepted. That is common ground; let’s start there.

You are tired of people not accepting your view. You are tired of not having a voice. You are tired of being blamed. You are tired for a lot of reasons, but mostly you are tired of others viewing the world with closed minds and anger in their hearts.

I imagine that at least one statement there resonated with you.


I’m a pastor, and I swear sometimes.

I try not to, but sometimes there are no other words that can quite express exactly the sentiment I want to convey.

For example, I might let a word or two slip when I am out running with my dog, Bruiser. …This is when I lose my sanctified mind!


A couple days after my friend left, my mother arrived. I had called her right after I wrote about what it is like to be me right now.

She booked a flight immediately. She didn’t ask why I needed her; she didn’t hesitate. I called, and she came.

My mom cooked; she cleaned; she read with the kids; she played games with us; she listened; and she restored my peace.

I thank God for the angels among us- the people who show up and tell us with their actions and their words that God cares for our every need.


James 1:5 If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.   Why are we here? What is the point? Does life have meaning and value? These questions intrinsically reflect doubt. They implicitly challenge the notions that there is a reason for life and that each one of us is significant. […]


I recently read a heart breaking post about a marriage that is ending. It got me thinking about why some marriages last and why some don’t. Specifically, how is it that Jon and I are still married after over 13 years? I decided it must be because I am so easy to be married to. 3 SUPER SIMPLE THINGS I WANT FROM […]

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