No make up, frizzy hair, up six more pounds, and dog poop scented shoes- I was so hot today.

I made a drastic and bold decision today. I chose not to wear make up to work. I’d love to say it is because I am liberated and confident in my natural beauty. The truth is I am trying to solve an eye issue. I’ve been trying to get rid of the weird red hue my eye gets by mid morning each day for the past couple of weeks. I even went so far as to wear my glasses, aka my nerdfocals, to work yesterday.

When the glasses trick didn’t work, I had to take drastic measures. I left my make up in its bag this morning (the thought being that maybe my makeup is irritating my eye).

I don’t always blow dry or do much to my hair, but I was feeling that without my make up I probably should. But, alas, time got away from me this morning, and I had no choice but to rock the slightly frizzed, air dried look.

I almost forgot (forgot, blocked out, purposefully avoided…. whatever you want to call it) to address the number on the scale today. I have not weighed myself in quite a while. Life has been very busy since I returned to full time teaching this fall. I had already gained a few pounds this school year (I was okay with that), but I think I made a big mistake when I stopped taking my thyroid medication back in early November.

I had thought, even prescription drugs can become really harmful when taken for extended periods of time (I’ve been on mine for twelve years), and sometimes we don’t find out the negative effects of long term consumption until it is too late. I’m going to stop using Levothyroxine and just be okay with being tired and a bit heavier. 

These seemed like okay thoughts at the time. However, they seemed like insanity this morning when I saw the scale and realized tired and extra pounds aren’t the best combination for a no make up and frizzy hair day.

No big deal, right? Looks aren’t that important.

I ran out to the car to warm it up, and I noticed upon entering the house again that I had stepped in dog poop. I was really in a hurry at this point, and I still had to go all over the house to find Annalyn’s glasses that she set down while brushing her hair (that was the response for where she said she had last seen them). I can relate to her struggle because I have had to ask my husband to find my glasses at night when I take my contacts out before realizing my glasses aren’t in their case.

People with glasses aren’t the best at finding their glasses without their glasses on…

I digress, but it seems fitting for the type of start I had today. Anyway… I pulled off my shoe and wandered the house looking for my daughter’s glasses… horrified by the mess I encountered as I went and praising God that it is Friday so we can clean it all up tomorrow. (Did I mention the washing machine quit on us a couple days ago and the repair person was coming today… into the mess….?)

Jon found the glasses, and we needed to get out the door or Anna (and my neighbor’s kids) would be late for school. I quickly took some toilet paper to the bottom of the shoe (flushable clean up), washed my hands, and put my shoe on when I hit the doorstep. I then scuffed my foot on the edge of the walkway to scrape off the residue. Pure genius…. except it wasn’t.

I had successfully rubbed the poop into the tread of the shoe.

The car smelled ripe. Wait, more accurately, I smelled ripe.

So hot. So very, very hot.

The kids and I played a game on the way work to take bets on whether or not we would get to the school drop off zone before the 8:00 cut off for being on time. We pulled in celebrating our awesomeness, just to realize we missed it by a minute.

In my English 12 classes, we are studying Frankenstein. Today’s lesson was about how one of the themes of the book and the theme of the new iPhone7 commercial are related.

Thank God for lessons on not assuming people are monstrous based on their appearances.

As the iPhone commercial says, “Open your heart to everyone, even smelly, heavy, make up free, tired eyed people.” Okay, I might have added that last part. You get the point though.

We all have rough days and rough moments. I’m thankful for enough grace to get me through.



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