Winning at Life

Winning at Life

16729426_10154158880877382_5378319909130377297_nWell, I have to tell you, I am winning at life.

You might be thinking, “Really? Because I just read your last blog post, and I’m not so sure.”

It is true though. I am.

Last week, I got my youngest daughter to school on time EVERY day. That is right, every day.

On four of those days, I had my neighbor’s kids with me. On the last day of the week, I took my daughter to Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast date. She was queen of the world- strolling in half sugared up, carrying a chai latte, flaunting her promptness.

Yeah, we’ve got this life thing down.

Since I am sharing about winning at life, I will skip over Saturday where I may or may not have cried in the grocery store parking lot because the idea of going back home to the list of unfinished tasks was mildly overwhelming….(Just know, my hubby and kiddos took care of business, and I’m winning at life. End of story.)

Sunday, I gathered my ladies around me and asked them openly and honestly to pray for me. Then I had a super productive day of ministry, recorded video announcements for the church, and rocked a creative team planning meeting. All this was followed by a great evening dinner with some of our friends.

Today, I didn’t want to stay in bed instead of go to work. Win.

Kids on time to school again. Win.

At school, I got a text about an upcoming baptism, my lesson was a hit in my classes, and I had a student come tell me what it has meant to him to start attending our church. Win, Win, Win.

All I do is win… win.. win (That is a song reference… but you might not hear what I hear in my head…so I figured I better clarify. It might be better if you don’t always hear what is in my head.)

All three kids had weekends surrounded by friends, opportunities to contribute to making our home function, and time with Jon and me.

Oh, and I had a book launch party tonight. There were people there. People came. Yup, you guessed it… Win.

I can do this.

16729426_10154158880877382_5378319909130377297_n Get your copy today.





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