Recently, my dad sent me one of those crazy email forwards we all used to get before Facebook existed. The forward had a “life saving” tip. Here are some things I learned because of this email.

  1. I love my dad A LOT. Why else would I bother opening and reading the “life saving” forward?
  2. I am really getting old. This is why I decided to try the life saving tip…. don’t laugh at me yet… wait until you hear the tip.
  3. Sometimes we see clearer when we stop straining to see down the road.

So, what was this amazing tip? Wear sunglasses while you drive if it is raining at night.

Why did I try it? I am old, and I am a chicken. We were driving home in pouring rain, and it was hard to see out the front window. I wanted my husband to slow way down. He laughed at me.

I remembered the email, and decided to try it out of curiosity. My husband, a good sport, tried it too. The sunglasses removed the extra glare caused by passing cars’ headlights reflecting off the water droplets. True story.

My husband wore the sunglasses for about 30 seconds, then took them off. Especially, since the rain was dying down… and stopping. I kept mine on. He laughed at me some more.

I liked them because the helped my eyes to relax. I didn’t feel like I was straining to see anymore. We pulled into a gas station, and my husband joked he didn’t want to be seen with me. He just isn’t cool enough to wear sunglasses at night.

I guess I’m getting old at the age of 34. Driving at night is hard on my eyes. I also get little car sick like I did when I was a kid. I don’t know what happened! There was a stretch in my life where I felt very strong and tough…. that time was not that long ago. I am suddenly an old woman wearing sunglasses at night because I don’t like the glare of the oncoming traffic. Life is crazy!

With age comes wisdom, and I am learning to let some things go (apparently, being cool is one of them). I am learning not to strain so hard to see everything down the road. I am allowing myself to trust in the next few feet in front of me. I’m doing things lately that don’t make sense to others. I’m putting faith over my eyes and believing God to help me block out the shiny reflections that can distract me from where I am headed.

I’ll wear my sunglasses at night, and trust God to lead me where I need to go, even when it is dark and raining.


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