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Adventure and an overuse of metaphor await….

Life is a great adventure. There are mountains to climb, cliffs to jump from, and dark caves to crawl through…metaphorically and literally.

Church planting is our newest adventure. We are finally in the mix of it. The ball is rolling and the clock is ticking. We are shooting for a February 14th launch.

The fun of planting is one day you have no money in the church account, then a week later you have $46,000 in the bank. God just shows up.

The first week we had 30 people in our home for a launch team event, and the next we had only 12, including the fact I count my family of 5 in all head counts.

I’ve been told planting will likely go like this: high, low, high, high, low, somewhere in between, low, high, etc. etc…… As long as I am throwing metaphors around, I think it is fitting to say I could be on an emotional roller coaster. I don’t think I will be though. I was completely fine with our 12 person turn out.


God has got this. I saw him drop $46,000 in our church account. I saw him provide us a great location for our family. I saw him bring 30 people into the first event. I know I will see him show up again and again. I am going to do my part, and the rest is up to God. I am going to learn from the Israelite’s mistakes as they wandered in the desert. Instead of grumbling and doubting God when I see a need, I will remember the ways he has provided in the past.

Bring on the adventure. I’ve got the greatest safety net.

By Rebecca Burtram

I am a woman in my mid thirties figuring out how to balance an intense need for perfection with the reality of my own imperfections. The answer I am finding is grace.....and plenty of it.
As a mother of three, a teacher, a church planter, and a runner, I have many opportunities to practice giving myself and others the grace I need to survive.

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