I was punched in the stomach today. Not literally, but figuratively. I won’t get into the details. The essence is that someone I thought would be one of my biggest supporters basically said my book isn’t worth study. Ouch. Did I mention, Ouch? Yeah….. it stung. The crazy thing is it came after an amazing, God ordained service based on […]


Strange things are happening in me. I cannot describe it. I want to write, but I am not sure how to do it without striving to gain recognition. I don’t want to write for selfish gain, but I don’t know how to divorce myself from my writing. I don’t know how to not desire people to affirm my words. I […]


I would love to share some profound thought with you today, but instead I give you dirty boobies. Yes, dirty boobies. My son is turning 12 this September, and he will be in middle school in one week. I have been amazed by this fact. I don’t know when my little boy turned into an almost man. The other day, […]

Call me Grandma

I became a grandmother at age 33.

I’m sure you are doing the math to figure out how old I must have been when I had my child and how old my child must have been when she made me a grandma. I’ll help you with your calculations.

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