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Strange things are happening in me. I cannot describe it. I want to write, but I am not sure how to do it without striving to gain recognition. I don’t want to write for selfish gain, but I don’t know how to divorce myself from my writing. I don’t know how to not desire people to affirm my words.

I am trying to wait. I am trying to be patient. I am waiting on God. I am waiting for release. I am waiting for a green light from heaven. I sound fruity and strange, but I don’t care. I don’t care if the world knows I believe God directs us. I believe in divinity¬†willing to connect with us. I believe in Emmanuel- God with us.

Here, among us….we have this amazing gift, and we shut it off. We run from it. We call it silly, strange, and weak. We claim it is for the uneducated and the feeble. We cling to our academia, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge. How ridiculous we are!

What knowledge? What do we know that is so spectacular it is capable of explaining the very being that created us? What foolish, foolish pride.

Is it more educated to believe the intricacies of life are accidental than it is to understand the perfections of life are designed and filled with purpose? We are not accidents. We are beings with purpose; we bring pleasure to our creator.

This is revelation divine; we are beings touched by the divine. We are molded and crafted and breathed on and in. We are beauty and light and wrapped in the presence of a God grand and full of grace. Grace for a people so small and so forgetful. We are forgetful of all the blessings and all the beauties. We are busy cramming our open minds, and we push out the one who created the synapses and sinews and veins and all that we are.

I want to make room. I want to make room for creation and the creator. I want to reject foolish pride and embrace humble submission. I want to follow one who leads with infinite wisdom… so I will wait. I will write no more rambling, self promoting mush. I will wait for words divine.



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