The church is officially off the ground. We had a relatively small start in the church planting world (125 on launch Sunday). However, I wouldn’t change a single thing about the way the service went. People connected to God and felt loved by a community of believers.

The only thing wrong was my hurt pride. I wanted a big launch for a million pure and good reasons and for one ugly one- pride. Pride is an issue I have learned to reign in…. most of the time.

I wanted to post to our church planting groups on Facebook about our really big launch. I wanted the numbers to prove we are a success. This reason was about me and the man I married; all my other reasons for wanting a big launch were about God and the good of others.

I have been working to live authentically and honestly. I have shared openly about major failure, shame, a messy house, insecurity, etc. However, I have struggled to post some of the “honest” pictures from the events leading up to launch and the launch. The pictures show me as I am right now, which is heavier than I have ever been (pregnancies aside). Again… a pride issue.

This realization of my prideful desire combined with a recognition with how unhealthy I have become physically have led me to begin a new process- less of me, more of Him.

So, the Monday after our first service, I began to live to intentionally be less and to let God be more.

What does that look like?

It looks like gratitude for the opportunity to connect others to God’s amazing grace, a grace I constantly need.

It is letting go of what I used to be able to do physically and embracing what I can do now.

It is eating for health rather than convenience, entertainment, or to cover stress.

Less of me, more of Him is not caring what people think about Jon and I as church planters because of the numbers. Instead, it is only caring that people connect to God and the church, discover who they are created to be, serve their world, and grow into fully devoted followers of Christ… because of the work we do at Redemption Church.

It is, like all growth, a process. The first step was admitting my prideful attitude and my need to make a change.

I am a week in and loving it. I am 5 pounds less of me and making room in my heart for more Him. I am celebrating the 76 people who came week two, the lives who began to relate to God as a redeemer of broken circumstances, the children who understood God is love, and the authentic community of our amazing team.

Celebration and gratitude don’t leave a lot of room for hurt pride and selfish ego.

Part of letting my pride go is admitting where I am at. I’ll be sharing my journey of less is more here and there as the church grows, I shrink, and God is given more of my life. I hope my small beginnings will be an encouragement to you as you journey to accept grace for all the imperfections of life.


Letting go of pride by sharing some pictures of myself I really don’t like…

preview less and more

PicMonkey Collage

Focusing on what matters…


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