I know this title is ridiculous. I may or may not have had to use Google to decide between homey and homie. I LOVE this title anyway. This summer has been a game filled summer. We went to NY to visit family for two weeks. We played Uno, Go Fish, Dominion, Up and Down the River, Apples to Apples, and […]


My youngest child is very particular about what she will wear. I recently purchased some solid colored tank tops for her to use at soccer camp. I chose black and gray. She didn’t really like them, and I was baffled. What could be wrong with a plain black or plain gray tank top? When I asked her, she said, “Mom, […]

Sex and Lies: What Are You Teaching Your Kids?

What do your kids know about sex? “I can have sex with anyone I want.” This was the boast on a radio show this morning. I was instantly struck by how ridiculous it sounded to me. Our culture promotes the idea that sex with as many people as possible is desirable. What a lie. I don’t want to be naked, […]


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. I recently heard the news that the KKK is coming to Charlottesville, VA this summer. My first response was anger. I don’t want them here. I don’t want them to have the right to come […]

Motherhood is a Broken Hallelujah

Brokenness… who wants to talk about brokenness on Mother’s Day? Me. That is the sermon I am preaching. We are finishing the Our Broken Hallelujahs series this Sunday. We started the series immediately after Easter. That made sense. But Mother’s Day?!?!? Shouldn’t we talk about all things lovely? I’m not sure we planned out our preaching calendar that well. Maybe […]


I thought a student said, “My Mom’s Hand” as a title. He actually said, “My Mom’s Ham,” but if I’d heard him right, this post wouldn’t exist. When I was erasing the board after class, the title caught my attention. My mom’s hand… Over the years her hands have washed me, been run through¬†my hair, wrote notes and cards, folded […]


I am about to turn 36. Sitting at 35, I have been directly between 30 and 40, but the scale is about to tip. I will officially be closer to 40 years old than 30. This occurred to me the other day when my husband said something about being 37. To which I had replied, “No you’re not.” He is. […]


I have the best mirror in my bedroom. It makes me look just a tad leaner. My outfits look so great when I stand in front of that mirror in the morning!

I LOVE that mirror.

However, I have another mirror in the living room. This mirror doesn’t quite tell the truth either. This one will distort my shape depending on where I am standing. Unfortunately, the distortion always makes me look wider than I am in reality.

I HATE that mirror.

Neither mirror is an accurate reflection of my appearance, but they both have the ability to impact the way I feel about myself.


My nine year old daughter is playing recreational league soccer for the Blue Bandits this Spring. It brings Jonathan¬†great joy to antagonize our children. A recent family conversation in the car went as follows. Jon: I am going to yell, “Go Band-aids!” No one will know because they will think I am saying Bandits. Go Band-aids! (Yelling… yes, yelling it […]

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