I thought a student said, “My Mom’s Hand” as a title. He actually said, “My Mom’s Ham,” but if I’d heard him right, this post wouldn’t exist.

When I was erasing the board after class, the title caught my attention.

My mom’s hand…

Over the years her hands have washed me, been run through my hair, wrote notes and cards, folded laundry, rubbed my back, signed papers, filled out checks, cleaned floors and walls, peeled potatoes, transcribed recipes, held me…..

My mother’s hands have, in a million ways, said, “I love you.”

Who knew a silly title randomly thrown out by a student could mean so much?

I can think of few things that represent a mother’s love more than her hands.

3 thoughts on “MY MOM’S HAND

  1. Oh now you have me thinking! Then I remembered my mom’s feet that led me to the museum, the concert, and the library. Her long brown hair that she sold when we were short on money. Her voice that sang to me all the Christmas carols. Thanks for helping me to remember. Have a blessed day!

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