Motherhood is a Broken Hallelujah

Motherhood is a Broken Hallelujah


Brokenness… who wants to talk about brokenness on Mother’s Day?

Me. That is the sermon I am preaching.

We are finishing the Our Broken Hallelujahs series this Sunday. We started the series immediately after Easter. That made sense.

But Mother’s Day?!?!? Shouldn’t we talk about all things lovely? I’m not sure we planned out our preaching calendar that well.

Maybe we did… 

What other action besides birth more accurately depicts the good that can come from pain?

I have never in my life experienced a greater sensation of physical pain than when I gave birth to Annalyn without an epidural. I didn’t plan to go drug free, but that is a story for another day. However, I’ll tell you the relief and the celebration I felt when that little girl first entered the world is like no other.

I’d given birth twice before, and both were joyous experiences (far more comfortable too…), but the celebration the third time was bigger and the beauty of the moment amplified because of the pain it took to get there.

What work other than mothering can reflect how joy can be found through struggle?

Jon walked around with a fortune from a cookie in his wallet for quite some time. It said, “Sometimes you have to endure the rain if you want the rainbow.” He carried this because he loved how it reflected his sentiments about our kids. I won’t tell you which child he really associated it with the most for the stormy rain. I will tell you it is the one who is most like him!

Sometimes I think I could burst from love and happiness when I watch my kids. I mean, just look at them!

They are amazing, and I get to call them mine even though I screw up 95% of the time at this parenting thing. Yet, somehow these wonderful amazing people are the result.

If that isn’t God using brokenness, I don’t know what else is!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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