Lord, let her be tender and strong. 

My baby is fierce. Her body moves like a whirlwind and a tornado. She gives all of herself in the trinkets she bestows on those she loves. She is a challenge and a treasure.

My youngest is my child of extremes. I think she is what we all have in us, but she doesn’t hide a bit of it. When she is happy the world is bright and perfect, and when she is angry everything becomes torrential. I don’t know how she does it. I mean this girl is bursting at the seams at all times.

I find myself exhausted thinking about it.

It is draining just to be close to her. How on earth does one little being love so hard?!? How does one miniature person fight so heavy?!?

I don’t know, but sometimes I am envious of her ability to feel everything and move on. This girl lets it all out, and then it is over. Oh, to live so openly.

My baby and King David are probably pretty similar: feeling warriors.

God made my girl to be so big on the inside that it is pouring out the borders of her body. I love this child, and I pray for the grace I need to help her as her skin grows to to fit all of who she is.

I changed my mind…. Lord, let me be tender and strong.


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