Through My Daughters’ Eyes

My girls look at me, and they see beauty because they look at me with eyes of love.


Now that we are over a week into the new year, I think it is appropriate to address the topic on so many people’s minds: weight loss. Some of you may be finding your healthy resolutions are proving hard to keep: avoiding sugar, getting daily exercise, avoiding carbs, lifting weights three times a week, etc.  Wouldn’t you like to find an easier […]


In parenting, there are so many details of which to keep track. When is the school concert, the holiday program, the special lunch, the extra practice,  and whose permission slip needs to be signed tonight? The list of tasks is endless, and it is easy to let some things slip through the cracks here and there. Sometimes I think my poor […]


The expectations we place on ourselves and others have a major impact on our level of contentment. I began to reflect on this after looking up all my half marathon finish times the other day. The December of my senior year in college, I ran my first half marathon. I hated it. I thought I was so slow, and it was […]


As an imperfect perfectionist, one of my biggest problems is that I can NEVER do enough. I don’t mean this in an overly dramatic sense. I literally cannot physically do enough to accomplish everything that I feel should be done in a day. Two major factors in my life make this particularly true: my job and my children. These two factors entered my […]


I have made an amazing discovery: the world will not fall apart if I do not wash the dishes. It has been a struggle to test this theory, but I have found that every time I do, my hypothesis is correct. This is also true for folding laundry and tidying up the living room. I’m not sure about keeping the […]


I am tired. I am really, really tired. It takes a lot of energy to be a woman. I am tired of hating how my butt looks in my jeans, worn out with wishing for bigger breasts and drained by considering how every bite of food will effect my thighs. I am exaggerating, but only a little. A woman is expected to […]

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