Now that we are over a week into the new year, I think it is appropriate to address the topic on so many people’s minds: weight loss.

Some of you may be finding your healthy resolutions are proving hard to keep: avoiding sugar, getting daily exercise, avoiding carbs, lifting weights three times a week, etc.  Wouldn’t you like to find an easier way to cut some weight?

Recently, I have found the secret to real weight loss. (Actually, I knew it already, but, of course, I forgot it for a short time. There are some lessons in life we have to learn again and again.)

The key to weightloss is grace.

Grace releases you from life’s steady downward pull. Grace alone cannot remove the weight. You must master the art of extension and reception if you want to drop the pounds of regret, criticism, and self doubt.

When I live without giving grace, the world seems to settle on my shoulders. Spending my time focusing on the problems around me causes me to become tired and worn out. I need to extend grace to the situations and the lives around me.

When I live without accepting the grace that has been extended to me, I become pinned down by the pressures I place on myself to be better. So often, I forget that it is by faith we are made right. It is by God’s love and grace in action in our lives that we grow and mature. I don’t have to do everything on my own strength. I need to welcome the unmerited favor.

Maybe if I do enough reps of extension and reception my bathroom scale will reflect the weight that has been lifted. A girl can dream can’t she?


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