Right this minute, the first snow of the season is falling. Everything feels right as the dryer is whirring and the light flakes dusting the roads are shutting my commitments for the day down (I was supposed to coach my daughter’s youth basketball team this morning…because I needed something else to do…lol). Although I’ve been up for a couple hours, […]

The Trees and I Are Letting Go Again

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are crunching under my feet, the mums are blooming, and the skeletons are coming out. I can feel the edges of grief tugging at me. Memories of desperate prayers, resignation, loss, and failure are creeping in with the ghosts being hung in store windows. This excerpt from Our Broken Hallelujahs recounts a […]


Sometimes, we think we know a lot about people whom we don’t know personally. We make a lot of assumptions based on appearances and our own ideas and views. For example…. When we moved here, Ella immediately found her place. She is an outgoing young lady with a very active social life. Kaleb, on the other hand, didn’t really talk […]


Today I saw the words, “Share the Power,”¬†graffitied¬†on a bridge, and suddenly the thing I have been struggling with and unable to express came to light. I want to share the power. I just don’t know how. I don’t have enough power and sway to make the changes that need to be made. Wait, no, back up. I don’t know […]


I know this title is ridiculous. I may or may not have had to use Google to decide between homey and homie. I LOVE this title anyway. This summer has been a game filled summer. We went to NY to visit family for two weeks. We played Uno, Go Fish, Dominion, Up and Down the River, Apples to Apples, and […]


My youngest child is very particular about what she will wear. I recently purchased some solid colored tank tops for her to use at soccer camp. I chose black and gray. She didn’t really like them, and I was baffled. What could be wrong with a plain black or plain gray tank top? When I asked her, she said, “Mom, […]

Sex and Lies: What Are You Teaching Your Kids?

What do your kids know about sex? “I can have sex with anyone I want.” This was the boast on a radio show this morning. I was instantly struck by how ridiculous it sounded to me. Our culture promotes the idea that sex with as many people as possible is desirable. What a lie. I don’t want to be naked, […]

At the Men’s Table

I went to a breakfast for the church planters in our network. I walked in with my husband to see a table full of men. I was the only woman. Am I the only planting woman integrally involved in the development of a church in our network? No, but somehow I was the only one who came to the table […]

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