GLASS TREASURES (Christmas Visions Part 1)

GLASS TREASURES (Christmas Visions Part 1)


Last year, my daughters’ ballet teacher gave them dainty snow globes. I am not sure whether it is the minute details, the delicate features, the beauty of the ballerina, or the reminder of a teacher they adored, but there is something that causes them to treasure this gift.

The globes are so small in size and in monetary value, but they bring delight. I look at the globes, and I see how extremely fragile they are. I am aware of how quickly these treasured items can be cracked or broken.

I look at my daughters, and I see glass globes in their eyes. They are my fragile glass treasures. I see all the damage life can bring, and I desperately want to protect them.

Then it occurs to me, we are all glass treasures.

We are all small, seemingly insignificant beings, yet we hold great worth in the eyes of another. There is one who truly understands how precious and how breakable we are. Our heavenly father sees each of us as a treasure of great worth and has the ability to put the broken pieces back together after the world tosses us around.

God knows the breakable side of us because he became the gift. He became the glass treasure. He was the vulnerable infant child, and he allowed his life to be shattered. He was broken to bridge the divide between the divine and the created. His life, death, and resurrection were meant to bring wholeness back to all the glass treasures that have been cracked, chipped, or smashed to pieces.

For some reason, it isn’t entirely popular to hold such a belief. My hope for those who think my beliefs are for the uneducated or the unstable is they too will find themselves wrapped in arms of unfailing love when they need it most.

This Christmas, I hope you will receive the gift of understanding your own worth in the eyes of another. You are a glass treasure.




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      Jesus came as a fragile baby. God the Father made sure He was to nurtured with love by Mary and Joseph. He sent warnings to Joseph via angels speaking to him in dreams to protect Jesus. God sent provision through the magi for their trip to Egypt. Jesus came with a purpose to be our Savior. God protected Him until Jesus had to be broken and pour out for us. As I think of our precious gifts, our treasures, our children, I have two thoughts: may I be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and be led by God for their care as Joseph was, and may I have confidence that God is working in their lives even when I can not (that He will fulfill His purpose for their lives). I know God treasures my children far more than I do. I know I fail but God works through, or should I say in-spite of my failures.

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