What was beautiful and right somehow twisted slightly.

I feel myself to be exactly who I was created to be when I write. I find pleasure in the tangible understanding of reaching others with a message worth telling. Every click, every like, every comment, is a reminder I am doing what I was made to do. I was made to bring words to life by connecting them into thoughts, ideas, and glimpses of daily living, in order to bring people together- to draw them closer to each other in shared experiences, shared struggles, and shared triumphs.

Somewhere along the way the value of the clicking and the liking and the commenting changed, and the purpose was lost in the sense my worth depended on the affirmation. It had twisted. What originally affirmed a calling and brought wholeness in a knowledge of purpose became a sign of affirmation of human worth and brought a hole that cannot be filled.

I think I am back. I think I know it again. I know who I am in my creator and the fulfilling of his plan for me, but I reserve the right to learn it again. I reserve the right to get up if I stumble again.

Won’t you? Won’t you give yourself the same right? Every lesson we know, we can know again. Every truth can be understood again. We can be wrong and find right again and again. I am finding right again. I am finding write again….

I write to think and to feel. I write to find myself in the middle of the whirlwinds. When I am still and quiet and only my fingers are moving, this is when everything in me can move- the things I hold as mute prisoners in order to maintain the structure and the order I grasp for- the things that I need to release in order to find grace. There is a twister in me, and I am writing for the grace I need. I am writing in the hope some of that grace will spill over to you.


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