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We were unpacking some boxes from the move, and I found one of my prayer journals from college. Some things never change:

September 7, 2002

Heavenly Father, 

A million hearts are breaking, and I can only listen to the sound. Your children are being broken and abused. Where are you to guard and protect them? I will never understand the “why?”, but please help me to see your actions that rectify the wounds. 

Each life around me has a story to tell and a pain kept inside. Open my eyes, Lord. Make my spirit in tune with yours. Let my presence and open heart be a ministry to the hurting. They seem to come to me, and I find myself incapable of providing the healing they need. The healing must come from you.

Love your children; love them through me. 


As I listen to stories of others and write my own story alongside theirs, I see this prayer is being answered in my upcoming book.

I am humbled.

By Rebecca Burtram

I am a woman in my mid thirties figuring out how to balance an intense need for perfection with the reality of my own imperfections. The answer I am finding is grace.....and plenty of it.
As a mother of three, a teacher, a church planter, and a runner, I have many opportunities to practice giving myself and others the grace I need to survive.

Grace and Imperfection:

The River Walk (Guest Author on Fridays):


  1. Some prayers reflect the calling of your life and are answered through your giftedness. I believe we are led to our calling through the deep seeded pains that drive us to our knees. When we rise up, we find that our steps are ordered perfectly through our imperfect abilities. The dichotomy is a brilliant strategy to keep us humbled and empowered.

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