As She Goes

In these days, I have watched her continue to push, wiggle, and strive to get to things that we have fought to protect her from. I have been relieved for the battle to end, and sorrowed at the fact we are are both losing. 

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: Day 4, John 4 and Psalm 4

Read: John 4, Psalm 4, Who: Who wrote this book? Who did they write it to? What was their reason for writing? What: What does this passage say about God, me, and my relationship with Him? Don’t sin by letting anger control you.     Think about it overnight and remain silent. Interlude 5 Offer sacrifices in the right spirit,     and trust the Lord. Psalm […]


Deep down we all want to be understood and accepted. That is common ground; let’s start there.

You are tired of people not accepting your view. You are tired of not having a voice. You are tired of being blamed. You are tired for a lot of reasons, but mostly you are tired of others viewing the world with closed minds and anger in their hearts.

I imagine that at least one statement there resonated with you.

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