I share so much of my life with you all in this blog. I decided it was time for you to meet my husband and hear our story.


I think I am back. I think I know it again. I know who I am in my creator and the fulfilling of his plan for me, but I reserve the right to learn it again. I reserve the right to get up if I stumble again.

Won’t you? Won’t you give yourself the same right? Every lesson we know, we can know again. Every truth can be understood again. We can be wrong and find right again and again. I am finding right again. I am finding write again….


I walk down to the basement, look around, and then I have a deep thought: “What am I doing here?” Actually, I am really wondering what I’m┬ádoing there because I can’t remember what I came to do or get. This is a pretty common occurrence for me in about every room of the house. I’m often opening closets, the pantry, […]

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