To Your Knees

I was overcome with emotion as I watched a family fall to their knees in prayer. Granted it was a fictional family from an over the top Netflix Telenovela/Comedy that many would criticize me for watching, but the scene still resonated deeply within me. I was suddenly emotionally back to the moments I have been brought to my knees, desperately […]

Winning at Life

Well, I have to tell you, I am winning at life. You might be thinking, “Really? Because I just read your last blog post, and I’m not so sure.” It is true though. I am. Last week, I got my youngest daughter to school on time EVERY day. That is right, every day. On four of those days, I had […]


While watching the many acts during a Pirate’s Voyage pre-show, I was struck by the balancing act: partially because I was thinking you could never pay me enough to try that and partially because balance is truly an impressive skill. It can be so easy to put too much weight or apply too much pressure to one side and not […]


To the mother on the brink of insanity, To the mother who just wants some sleep, To the mother who feels her home might explode into chaos if she doesn’t hold it together, I hear you. To the mother who has a love hate relationship with every children’s cartoon created, To the mother that cannot focus on the unending stream of words coming out […]

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