To Your Knees

To Your Knees

I was overcome with emotion as I watched a family fall to their knees in prayer.

Granted it was a fictional family from an over the top Netflix Telenovela/Comedy that many would criticize me for watching, but the scene still resonated deeply within me.

I was suddenly emotionally back to the moments I have been brought to my knees, desperately asking God for his miraculous intervention.

Even the writers of a show riddled with lifestyle choices that are completely against the Bible know that when an obstacle gets too big, you fall to the ground and ask God to intervene.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had that type of overwhelming need, yet the image reminded me of that fact that sometimes we need to allow ourselves to admit we are overwhelmed. We can’t do this life independently.

I forget how much I need something bigger than me. I forget to throw my hands up and hit my knees. I forget it is okay to not be okay. I forget that I am never alone in my need.

When I go to my knees, there is someone there ready to hold me.

Man kneeling. When life is overwhelming, God is there.


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