I really wanted to have the picture say, “TECH TEXT SUPPORT,” but I didn’t know how to do that with my photo editor. Catch the irony? In my efforts to learn to give myself the grace to be okay with me, I have found the support of others to be immensely helpful. The picture above is from an actual group […]


Run it like a boss! That is my approach to exercise. Why run if you can’t do it fast or far? Why lift weights if you can’t lift heavier and for more reps each week? Why do a workout video if it isn’t intense enough to make you want to collapse? Unfortunately, my body doesn’t want to do much of anything like […]


I am one of those people that loves to plan. I love to control things, and I want everything to go according to my plans. Well, at least that is how I used to be. A lot has changed as my children have grown. I’ve learned that sometimes the most perfect moments happen when nothing follows a plan. This weekend, […]


Welcome to my little piece of crazy in a mostly sane mind. I’d like to introduce myself. I am Rebecca, and I am an imperfect perfectionist. Aren’t we all? As a woman, I feel this is especially true for the females of our species. Every little aspect of my body has come under very close scrutiny over the years. My […]

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