I am one of those people that loves to plan. I love to control things, and I want everything to go according to my plans. Well, at least that is how I used to be. A lot has changed as my children have grown. I’ve learned that sometimes the most perfect moments happen when nothing follows a plan.

This weekend, I had marvelous plans of running, eating healthy, and cleaning the house- spotless. This of course was going to be fit in with a weekend that already included plans for a dinner with friends that live two hours away, picking my middle child up from a sleep over birthday party, going to my eldest child’s basketball game, taking all three kids to a pinewood derby building workshop, filing my state taxes, and attending two services of church (serving in children’s ministry during one and actually sitting still for a minute during the other). Goodness, I am worn our just typing it all out.

Why on earth did I add expectations on top of the list of commitments? Although I have a half marathon in two weeks, I did not run this weekend. I did not eat healthy because I was too tired to prepare food in all of the hustle and bustle, and I didn’t get much of the house clean. You know what? It was a a marvelous weekend with my children.

We talked in the car during the many trips here and there. We ate some very kid friendly meals while relaxing around the table and, God forbid, on the couch. We watched both Captain America movies…. back to back, and we snuggled. When I let loose and relaxed about getting it all done. The whole family was able to relax.

Because I was not uptight and demanding the world to follow my schedule, we accomplished so much more. We sneaked in a load of dishes, cleaned three bathrooms, and did some laundry.  Believe it or not, the kids cleaned the bathrooms and mopped the kitchen floor without the slightest complaint. In fact, my husband and I sat in the living room while the kids slid around the floor on wet rags giggling. We talked about how happy our little world was in that moment….then we all stuffed our faces with pizza while watching Steve Rogers beat up everyone in his path.

I can hate myself for not running tomorrow. Tonight, I’m just enjoying the perfect mess in my living room.


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