I really wanted to have the picture say, “TECH TEXT SUPPORT,” but I didn’t know how to do that with my photo editor. Catch the irony?

In my efforts to learn to give myself the grace to be okay with me, I have found the support of others to be immensely helpful. The picture above is from an actual group text I was part of last night. My sister, two of my cousins, and I run races together a few times a year. We are spread throughout New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. These runs are a healthy, fun excuse to spend time together. They also help me to stay connected with those who can rewire my thought processes.

Sometimes we share self criticisms or downplay achievements in our training, and one of us will always remind the others that our accomplishments are worthwhile. It is so good to have these little discussions through technology to remind me to get out of my own head. The drive for perfection is a great thing in some ways because it pushes me to accomplish hard tasks and to do things well, but it can also tear me down if I let my focus stay on the flaws I see. I am often quicker to see the areas to improve than I am to see the achievements worth celebrating, or at least acknowledging.

I am so grateful for my little tech text support group. They help me to remember that although I may not be obtaining perfection, I am accomplishing something, and that is enough.

I hope this little blog will remind you to celebrate the victories. You are impressive in your own right. If you get a chance, pass some tech support on to your friends and family. We can all use it!


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