John 19: What I Have Written

John 19: What I Have Written


Read: John 19, Psalm 19

Who: Who wrote this book? Who did they write it to? What was their reason for writing?

What: What does this passage say about God, me, and my relationship with him?

19 And Pilate posted a sign on the cross that read, “Jesus of Nazareth,[d] the King of the Jews.” 20 The place where Jesus was crucified was near the city, and the sign was written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, so that many people could read it. 21 Then the leading priests objected and said to Pilate, “Change it from ‘The King of the Jews’ to ‘He said, I am King of the Jews.’” 22 Pilate replied, “No, what I have written, I have written.” John 19:19-22 (NLT)

Unlike the Jewish leaders, Pilate probably had not studied the scriptures. He wasn’t a Jew, and he didn’t follow God. In the Jewish tradition, he held no religious standing. Yet he was able to recognize the power of Jesus while the religious leaders did not.

Why: Why is the truth important?
God is not concerned with whether or not we have the right lineage or education. He wants us all to experience the truth of who he is.
How: How would my life, character and perspective be different if I truly believed this truth?
Pilate had asked for truth, and once he recognized who Jesus was, he proclaimed it to others and he didn’t back down.
If I fully embrace this truth, I will act like Pilate. I will work to show others who Jesus is, and I won’t be swayed by the voices of others.


God, thank you for revealing who you are to all people, no matter what qualifications we have or lack. Help me to always remember your role as king in my life. Teach me to be bold about spreading your name and your love.



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