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It is a single word with so much weight behind it- believe. It is an imperative, telling us to take action.

We must believe in something; it is hard wired in us.

A quick look at culture proves this is true. My children watch Disney Channel, and it tells them to believe in themselves. Christmas movies tell us to believe in Santa Claus and the good in humanity. We even create things in which to believe (Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Leprechauns).

There is an infinite number of possible ideas, faith systems, values, and people in which we can put our hope. Yet, so many of us are lacking in faith.

The problem comes from having been let down too many times. People have believed in money until finances failed, in love until the heart changed, and humanity until humans turned against each other.

We were created to believe, and we are constantly searching for something worth our faith and trust.

Perhaps we are in search of a Christmas miracle to undo the damages of life.

There is a reason this season in particular begs the world to believe. This is the season when we celebrate the one thing that was sent to make right all the broken faith.

We were given the gift of a baby in a manger, sent to redeem mankind, to carry the weight of all the broken promises and all the broken moments, and to put the world back into relationship with an unfailing God.

I pray your heart will be open to receive the gift of faith in a love unshakeable- love sent to teach us how to believe.




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