Over a year ago, we told our children we will give them $100 if they can save $100 on their own. They love to talk about what they will do when they have $200, and I love to hear them dream about it.

It has been interesting to see our kids’ thoughts on money as we are encouraging them to value saving up for something you really want. The other day I learned our children have taken a lesson to heart that just might be bigger than saving money: giving money.

My husband and I both grew up in homes where money was budgeted wisely in order to make do with what we had. We also grew up in homes where giving was built into the budget; in fact, giving was the number one priority- 10% off the top, then missions, then gifts to others in need. Neither home was rich financially, and neither home went without needs met. The value of giving was instilled in us.

I have joked about not allowing my husband to carry cash in his wallet on Sundays. He can’t let the plate pass by without emptying his wallet, regardless of what we have given online.

I have seen my children drop $20 bills in an offering plate-bankrupting their savings, do chores to turn around and give their money to missions, and make t-shirts to sell for Peru. However, I was still caught off guard to hear my ten year old daughter dreaming about how she would spend her $200.

She would give $100 to the church.

My child’s heart to give far exceeds my own. It even exceeds that of her father’s wallet, which is consistently emptied of its contents. I want my children to find success in life, and I’m trying to teach them the lessons they will need. Yet, again, I am the one learning.

God, give me a heart to give.


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