My little family of five took a big leap of faith and embarked on a new adventure. We have spent a year preparing for this transition, and there is still a very long road ahead of us. However, we finally made the physical move to bring us to the city where we will be starting a new Assembly of God church.

Travel can be exciting and fun. There are many new sites to see, dreams to dream, and roads to be taken. It can also be a tiring process.

As you can see from the picture above, our dog, Bruiser, had had all about all he could take for a bit. He was too tired to anxiously stare out the window, lick the kids’ feet with excitement about new smells from new areas (yes, I know… he is kind of gross), or to even sit patiently. He was done. He just needed to rest… and did he ever. He sprawled out and became a dead weight in the front of my car for at least an hour. He just let go and believed I would get him to where we were going.

When we arrived home, he was full of joy again and ready to attack the world with enthusiasm and vigor… aka a wagging tail and incessant licking of everything.

Sometimes the road of life can be long, and we need to have someone we can trust to carry us while we collapse in exhaustion. In this process, which is not even remotely close to over, I have worn myself out at various points between moments of enthusiasm and moments of worry.

 I am learning to trust that if I let go for a moment, I am not going to stop us from getting where we are going. In fact, there are times the process will be easier. There is someone else guiding the vehicle, and for the most part, our family is along for the ride.

Excuse me while I sprawl out across the passenger seat and take a little power nap. I’ll be ready to attack the world with enthusiasm and vigor after a little rest.


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