Confession: I like Taco Bell. It is the only fast food restaurant that has more than one thing on the menu I like, but this is not the reason I am writing about Taco Bell. In fact, this isn’t really about Taco Bell at all. It is about Tiffany, who happens to work at Taco Bell.

A while back, my family went through the drive thru at the local Taco Bell, and I was struck by how wonderful Tiffany’s smile was. I commented on it to my husband. Then we went home.

A couple nights ago, pulling up  to the drive thru window (again? I know…fast food is bad for you), I actually got a little excited when I saw Tiffany’s giant smile. I looked at my husband, and, almost giddy, I said, “it’s her.”

Why was I so happy? I’m not exactly sure. I just loved this woman’s smile. Her smile had this contagious power to it. I cannot even describe the genuine sparkle of her smile.

I told Tiffany that I love how she really smiles at people. She smiled even bigger and talked about how she enjoys making people happy. We laughed about how funerals are hard for her because she wants to make people feel better, which she normally does with a smile. She demonstrated how she looks as she tries not to smile. It was quite difficult for her.

We left the Taco Bell drive thru feeling even better than we had when we first pulled up. Was it the chalupas, crunchwraps, and tacos we now had in our possession? Well, maybe a little, but mostly it was Tiffany’s joy that had spread to us.

I genuinely felt happy after my interaction with Tiffany, and it was a good reminder of how easy it can be to make a difference in others by our own attitudes. I’m going to work on giving people my most genuine smile. Like Tiffany, I want my life to make other lives better.


*Tiffany did give her permission for her image and this story to be used in my blog.



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