Things We Don’t Say

November is the month in between.

First it was the month that came before; then, it was the month that came after.

Yet, November is the month of thanks.

How do I say thank you for the blessing of broken? I am learning.


Tired? Hurting? Stressed? Battered? Join the crowd. If you aren’t there at the moment, you can recall the sensations with ease. We have ALL been there. Recently I have been reminded in many ways of the importance of community. Community is what helps us keep our chins up. Sometimes it is the kind word, someone standing beside us, a listening […]


While watching the many acts during a Pirate’s Voyage pre-show, I was struck by the balancing act: partially because I was thinking you could never pay me enough to try that and partially because balance is truly an impressive skill. It can be so easy to put too much weight or apply too much pressure to one side and not […]


Yesterday, as I stood aboard a battle ship with my youngest in my arms, it hit me. I could not remember the last time I held my older two. In that moment, I realized I might be holding my youngest for either the last time or one of the last times. The day is coming when she will no longer say, “carry […]


To the mother on the brink of insanity, To the mother who just wants some sleep, To the mother who feels her home might explode into chaos if she doesn’t hold it together, I hear you. To the mother who has a love hate relationship with every children’s cartoon created, To the mother that cannot focus on the unending stream of words coming out […]

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