On a recent car trip, I decided I really like to sing. More precisely, I like to sing loudly.

The problem is I’m not a very good singer. I often miss the right notes, but I keep on singing. I just try to hit the note that comes next. The fact that I am a terrible singer does not hinder my enjoyment in the least. It used to, but then I decided life is too short and I am getting too old to worry about singing perfectly in order to enjoy the song.

This might actually say a lot about me as a person. I’m someone who enjoys living. I do it loud, and I do it fully. I sometimes make mistakes along the way, yet I keep on going. I used to get hung up on perfection, and now I am more focused on just enjoying the moments while doing the best I can.
In life, and when I’m singing, hitting the wrong notes can be hard on the people around me. Although I can keep on going and try to do better with the next note, it can still be damaging to those close to me.This is why I appreciate those who stick around while I’m singing my songs. They don’t leave even though it doesn’t always sound pretty.

Thanks to all those whose ears are slightly damaged but still love me!

This reminds me to be there and listen when my friends are singing too. Sometimes they’re going to hit the wrong notes, and they need someone who will be there with them still. Singing together is even better than singing alone, even when we miss a few notes.


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