Before I Was Ready

I was pregnant at my college graduation ceremony. I knew I wasn’t ready, but Kaleb arrived to rock our world in the best way possible. We were young and dumb. We didn’t have time to establish careers or learn how to live independently. Ready or not, we were parents. We were suddenly deep in a world of diapers, spit up, […]


My youngest child is very particular about what she will wear. I recently purchased some solid colored tank tops for her to use at soccer camp. I chose black and gray. She didn’t really like them, and I was baffled. What could be wrong with a plain black or plain gray tank top? When I asked her, she said, “Mom, […]


I thought a student said, “My Mom’s Hand” as a title. He actually said, “My Mom’s Ham,” but if I’d heard him right, this post wouldn’t exist. When I was erasing the board after class, the title caught my attention. My mom’s hand… Over the years her hands have washed me, been run through my hair, wrote notes and cards, folded […]

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