I know you see it-the shirt just in front of the hamper.

Although finding a piece of clothing on the floor next to the hamper is a daily occurrence, in the moment, I was struck by how that shirt looks similar to so much of my life.

The laundry almost makes it IN the laundry basket; my house is almost as clean as I like it; the papers are almost graded; and my clothes almost fit the way I like.

The feeling of almost has been particularly acute in my life recently. We are almost to the first Sunday for our church plant, I am almost done with the two classes I am taking (2 final exams today!), and I am almost done writing my book.

I look at all the areas of almost, and I am grateful.  I am tired, but grateful. I am grateful for clothes to wash, a house to clean, and a healthy body. I am also grateful for big dreams and upcoming accomplishments.

Almost can be a great place, and it can be a tiring place. This is why the shirt caught my eye. It was the thing that was almost right, but not quite. At least it was until I came along and brought it the rest of the way.

When life feels stuck in almost, and I just can’t bring myself the last few inches, I can throw my hands up and say carry me. I have God who will carry me; I have a family that will support me; and I have friends who are right there with me.

I might just be a dirty t-shirt on the floor occasionally, but that is okay by me. I can be carried the rest of the way…. which brings me back to grateful. I am not alone in the never ending flow of almost moments.

I’m looking forward to another day of almost.



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      In your gratitude toward these tasks, you have shown what Brother Lawrence exhibited in, ‘The Practice of the Presence of God,’ ‘You must always be governed by love, without selfish views. You must resolve to make the love of God the end or purpose of all your actions. Learn to pick up even a straw from the ground for the love of God, seeking Him only and nothing else—not even His gifts.’

      You Rebecca Burtram, have Practice of the Presence of God. God bless you

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      Almost time for bed Rebecca:) Almost for a teacher grading papers!

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