As I was cleaning off our kitchen counter, I threw a dog treat to our dog before putting the rest away. Immediately after, I considered whether or not I should have waited until he had done something other than lie on the couch and pass gas.

My very next thought was, “I just really like him, and I wanted him to have a treat. Who cares if he deserved it?”

This little scene caused me to reflect on God’s grace in our lives. (I know, I am an amazing theologian inspired by the deep moments of life.) 

I was instantly thankful for gifts undeserved.

It is so funny to me how many people think Christianity is a list of dos and don’ts. 

Christianity is a list of a thousand things I have done to separate me from God, yet he stays right there. Christianity is accepting God giving us what we don’t deserve.

There are a lot of people who stand out in our culture for what they are against. God loves them anyway. 

We are people who cause hurt and pain to others daily. God loves us anyway. 

Some of us reject God, but he loves us anyway. 

Grace. So much grace. So much giving of what we do not deserve.

There is nothing we can do to earn it. There is nothing we can do to lose it. It is unmerited favor.

Maybe, just maybe, we could be followers of Christ by extending that grace to others.


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