Life is a sweet song, which occasionally sounds a little screechy and out of tune.

My little family of five is in a season of slightly off notes. About two and a half weeks ago, our youngest became ill. She had the highest fevers I have ever seen. The short version of the story is, she finally finishes her antibiotics tomorrow, but the rest of us are knocked out. I am on day four of antibiotics, my men are on day two, and my middle child came home from school early with a fever today. It sounds crazy, but it hasn’t been awful. The music is a little off, but I can still hear the song in it.

We have had a ton of extra time together; my son, who now wears shoes as big as his father’s, still needed his mama’s hugs; a neighbor brought us chicken and dumplings and homemade cookies; and a friend sent us a card with a gift in it. We have been so very, very blessed.

We have jobs that allow sick days; we have insurance to provide for a good chunk of medical expenses; we have vehicles to get us to the doctor’s office; and we have support.

Although perfect harmony is wonderful, we often miss the beauty as it becomes background noise. Sometimes a few off notes cause us to really appreciate the melody.

November is traditionally a month of gratitude, and I have been blessed with the gift of a few off notes to help me practice hearing the melody as we kick off the season of thanks.

Do you hear the sweetness of life?


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