This was our first week of school in a new town and new schools. The transition was probably the biggest for our son. Wednesday was his first day of middle school.

We had tried to meet children from his school prior to the start of the year, but there were no middle school boys at the pool, and the only boy on his football team that attends his school is in a different grade.

The first day of school was rough. No one talked to my son at lunch or at the outside free time. The bus driver yelled at him because he accidentally got off at the wrong stop coming home and had to get back on. It was not what I had hoped for my child. My heart hurt for him.

So, when he told me about the best part of his day, I was so grateful.

Mr. Shedd,

You were the bright spot my child needed to get him through the transition. Thank you for wowing him with stories of a crazy king, battles of the church, and bribery of executioners. When my son talked about your class, he was animated and excited. He probably repeated the entire lesson to me. In a day full of not so great moments, you gave him something to come back for. What you do matters, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


A Grateful Mother

The next day of school was better. He talked to some kids, and he didn’t get off at the wrong bus stop. He was happier, and that meant the world to me.

Mr. Shedd was just doing his job, but, on this day-to this mama, he was a hero. It is a great reminder to me that some of my students were experiencing their first days of high school. I hope my high fives and stories helped to make my classroom a place these young people want to return.

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