the struggle is real

I  have a theory about our culture. Feel free to debate with me; it is just a theory.

Our culture places a high value on authenticity, especially when it demonstrates an acceptance of flaws without wallowing in despair or failure. People like to see something attainable. We like to see that models have stretch marks and leaders can make small mistakes or admit struggles.

Need more proof?

-Dystopian novels have ruled the book shelves in recent years. (perfection is proven to be flawed)

-Facebook feeds blow up when a model shares an unfiltered photo.

-My most popular posts on this blog and on The River Walk have been about honest struggles and the hope to get through.

A continuation of this theory is that this desire stems from a reaction against the feelings of inadequacy we face when we compare ourselves to the false perfection of airbrushed, photo shopped, and filtered views of what we are supposed to be.History has also shown us that the people who were believed to be examples of perfection still failed in some pretty big ways. We are tired of false expectations for ourselves and others, so we appreciate anyone who is willing to be honest and embrace the failings.

.I think we all want to see that we aren’t alone in the trials of life and that we can make it through with a sense of beauty and hope. When I say “we all,” I am including myself.

Deep down we know that without struggle, there is no triumph. We value the dirt and the grit because it helps us to feel and experience life for all it is worth. So, here’s to you, stressed out, tired, and worn down readers. You aren’t alone in your mess. Our entire culture is with you, cheering you on. We are celebrating our imperfections together as we strive to be something more.

The struggle is real, people….. and so is the hope!


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      I found this article quite uplifting to me. Many People are tired of plastic women and men made to look like ken dolls. There seems to be a shallowness, vanity pushed by media and “stars” and regular people are dying and stressing to conform to this world. Your article broke something within my own soul, to express myself, and to be transparent as possible, so that others will know that what we see on TV is not real life, but that real life is the true struggle. That there will be ups and downs, we will have scars visible and invisible from the fights and trials we go through everyday. Thank you for keeping it real!

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