An Angry Teacher and Mr. Rogers

Well, I was angry. Or I still am. I don’t know in this moment. I had planned to write a post to process my anger when I woke up yesterday. I was going to be open about the fact that I find myself swearing and venting and spewing grossness from inside because I have let anger take my peace, and I was hoping that the grace would come in the confessing.

Failing the Students We Pass

Tonight, I want to quit teaching… but I won’t. I work really, really hard to create active, engaging lessons. I read over 150 pages of student writing a week. I give detailed feedback on style, tone, organization, and grammar. I also comment on what students say about themselves, their worlds, and their ideas. I know my students. I LOVE my […]


My heart breaks when I receive documentation from the school concerning my son’s reading ability. We did everything you are supposed to do. We have read to him from infancy, we practiced sight words for hours and hours, we read, and we read, and we read. Yet, our twelve year old son still finds himself in the very bottom percentile […]

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