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good formThere have been many times that I have been told by random strangers that I have good running form. My high school track coach should be proud. He made a big deal about creating “Ls and Vs” while running. Apparently it stuck. Most of the time the random strangers that comment on my form are current or former coaches.

My husband thinks it is a crazy runner thing to notice form. He laughs at me that I always notice other runners’ form and comment on how beautiful our children’s forms look as they dash across a field or a court. Good form is something worth noting.

I usually run during stressful times. I don’t mean this figuratively. I literally run in order to keep my stress levels lower.

I am in the midst of a good deal of stress as we are moving to a new city in order to start an Assemblies of God church. I cannot go running due to either a stress fracture or a heel spur. (I finally listened to my husband and had a doctor look at it…. who is sending me to another doctor. This is why I avoid going to the doctor….) Without running, I have to work harder to keep myself together.

It is my goal to live my life with good form. If someone is watching me as I go through life, I want them to see me and think, “She has beautiful form.” This is different than a beautiful form; although, I would like to have that too! The form I am talking about is the ability to handle both success and trials with grace and composure.

I have failed to have good form at different points in my life. However, one of my favorite things about being a human is the fact we are rarely in a position in which we cannot make a change or try again.

In the spirit of pursuing good form, I ask you to play coach. Comment below with how you maintain good form when the world is chaotic or when success is shining a spotlight on you.

I’ll start us off:

This year, I have been using a Bible in a year app. I try to begin each day with my reading. This helps me to focus on something bigger than me. It is a great way to gain perspective and center.

Now you….



Finding My Center


3. I run because punching people is not acceptable.

2. I like running because I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, like food.

1. You think I’m crazy because I run. You would really see crazy if I didn’t run.

I took a small break from running for almost a month in order to give my feet a much needed chance to heal. It has been great for my feet, but it has not been good for my mental health. The longer I go without running, the fatter I think I am and the more out of control the world feels. I know I am a little crazy, and I know that running helps me to pull it together.

A few weeks ago, I went to the gym and stepped on the treadmill. As my legs found their rhythm, I felt a sense of absolute right. This sensation reminded me how much I needed to return running to my routine. I was made to run. This simple and uncomplicated exertion is my therapy.

When I run, my world comes back to center. There is something soothing and healing about the uncomplicated task of one foot in front of the other. Sometimes I lose myself to the rhythm in my ears; sometimes I take in the scenery and breath deeply; sometimes I exchange stories with a friend; and sometimes I think and pray. The result is always the same: sanity returns.

I think there is a little bit of crazy in us all. We just need to find the thing that brings us back to center. Some people knit, drink coffee, sing, dance, bike, walk, or bake. I run to my center.

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