Fine Lines

Fine Lines

Jon and Rebecca

I am not a fan of my slowing metabolism or my achy joints, but I adore my wrinkles.

I think the gray specks in my husband’s hair and the crinkles at the edges of his blue eyes make him more handsome now than when we met.

This picture is one of my favorites, not despite the fine lines around our eyes, but because of them. The wrinkles we both have are permanent representations of the manner in which the joy we have shared in our lives has shaped us.

We have laughed together and smiled so many times that our skin had to give way.

I see the births of our children, Jon across from me dancing at my siblings’ weddings, Ella on stage, Annalyn racing across a soccer field, Kaleb barreling into the end zone, laughter around Settlers of Catan, and so much more when I look at the deep grooves framing my eyes.

I don’t want to remove those lines. I want to make more of them. I think they are beautiful, and for me to see beauty when I look in the mirror has been one of the most constant internal struggles of my life.

So keep your beauty creams and anti aging products that remove fine lines and wrinkles. Call me when you have something to remove love handles.


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